Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs have evolved far beyond the archetypal punch-card. Today’s consumers value personalized engagement and rewards. Offering exclusive discounts to seniors, teachers, students, and military service members demonstrates that your brand knows and values them as customers and as people. A customer loyalty program that includes gated offers drives acquisition rates, increases customer loyalty, and fosters positive word-of-mouth, leading to gains in overall customer lifetime value. SheerID helps you protect the value of your customer loyalty program with digital verification that ensures your offers remain exclusive, and that your customers feel rewarded for their loyalty.

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The Customer Acquisition Strategy That Appeals to Every Generation—Infographic

Generations Image
Introduction Recently, generational marketing has become the norm in customer acquisition. But it can be tricky. For example, how do you market a product to digital natives like Gen Z alongside digital immigrants like Baby Boomers? In this infographic, we: Provide insight into the four largest generations of our time. Illustrate how these generations respond ...
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Who’s in the Box? Engaging Your Subscribers Through Personalization

A French Bulldog coming out of a box.
The State of Affairs in the Subscription Box Industry Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2010, you know that churn is a problem for the subscription box industry. On one hand, box subscription services grew 40% in the spring of 2018. On the other hand, 40% of e-commerce subscribers and 60% of meal ...
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How Converse is Acquiring Customers with Identity-Driven Exclusive Offers

Converse's new customer acquisition strategy gives college students and members of the military a gated, exclusive discount of 10% off.
For more than a century, Converse has been dedicated to self-expression and storytelling. The iconic brand, known for footwear that bears its hallmark star insignia, believes that what people wear defines sport, street, and creative culture. One of the brand’s goals is to help customers create an authentic style simply by being themselves. For example, ...
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Top 3 Customer Acquisition Trends for Great Promotions in 2019

A digital marketer researching customer acquisition trends and tips on her tablet.
Three major trends will affect the ROI of your marketing promotions in 2019. Here’s what’s coming—and tips for how digital marketers like you should respond to make it a banner year. #1  What’s Out: Third-Party Data that Poses Privacy Risks Marketers faced some big challenges in 2018, and data privacy was at the center of ...
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How Travel Can Seed Loyalty by Marketing to College Students

A college student studying abroad. Marketing to College students with exclusive offers builds brand loyalty.
The pressure’s on to acquire new customers, but the good news is they may be closer than you think –  young people are already in your orbit. Many of your high-frequency customers have kids who are coming of age who will soon be out on their own, and they’re already experiencing your brand. They’re travelling ...
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New Report Benchmarks 150 Digital Marketers Customer Acquisition Strategy for 2019 – Infographic

8 in 10 digital marketers say they're under more pressure to meet acquisition and revenue goals than last year.
Customer Acquisition is filled with obstacles, and the competition for buyers’ attention is getting worse. Experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to between 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. That’s why we partnered with WBR insights and surveyed 150 digital marketers to understand their customer acquisition strategy as we head into 2019. The results ...
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What Are Customer Verification Services?

Verification Services
Customer verification services confirm that an individual has a desired characteristic such as an affiliation with a particular group like the military or being a student. They can also be used to verify occupation or current employment. One highly valuable use of verification services is in targeted marketing campaigns, where they can help businesses identify ...
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