Gated Offers

Gated offers are a targeted approach to driving new customer acquisition by providing an exclusive offer or discount to members of a particular group, such as seniors, students, or members of the military, with an. Gated offers require these customers to verify their eligibility for the offer. This step prevents fraud, but can be time-consuming and involve the exchange of personal data that customers want to protect. SheerID’s digital verification solutions make verifying customer eligibility simple, fast, and secure.

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How Kettlebell Kitchen Uses Gated Offers to Stand Out in the Subscription Crowd

An assortment of tailored meals prepared by Kettlebell Kitchen. The company uses gated offers to reward military members with a 15% discount on their subscription service.
In the subscription economy, competition is fierce. There are  nearly 7,000 subscription box companies worldwide, and major brands are staking their claim: Amazon just launched a Prime Book Box for children’s books, Ipsy is adding new products to their already successful subscription box, and Microsoft announced that Xbox will now be sold as a subscription ...
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