Personalized Marketing

Compared with other types of marketing, the goal of personalized marketing is to more effectively engage with potential customers by offering them targeted, individualized content, promotions, and experiences. Personalized marketing includes everything from personalized emails to VIP events to personalized gated offers.

To do this, marketers can take advantage of collected data or tools that enable personalized marketing. SheerID’s Digital Verification Platform helps marketers create gated, exclusive offers targeting groups of consumers based on their social identity. This includes life stages (like students and seniors) or affiliations (like military members or teachers).


How Travel Can Seed Loyalty by Marketing to College Students

A college student studying abroad. Marketing to College students with exclusive offers builds brand loyalty.
The pressure’s on to acquire new customers, but the good news is they may be closer than you think –  young people are already in your orbit. Many of your high-frequency customers have kids who are coming of age who will soon be out on their own, and they’re already experiencing your brand. They’re travelling ...
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How the Travel Industry Can Up Its Game When Marketing to the Military

A smiling military woman appreciates how hospitality companies are marketing to the military.
Hospitality brands know a good thing when they see it, and military programs are a good thing. The military segment has $1 trillion in spending power and takes three times more vacations. Providing exclusive offers to the military community is a powerful way to attract loyal customers and differentiate a brand – nothing generates goodwill ...
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Exclusive Offers Bring High Value Segments Into Sprint’s Brand

Sprint uses exclusive offers to acquire military customers and reward them for their service.
It’s not often that the voices of a Hollywood legend and a famous advertising executive surface in company’s marketing strategy, but then again Sprint isn’t your ordinary brand. Three years ago, the telecom giant launched a gated, exclusive offer for members of the military, and the way the program has grown reflects the spirits of ...
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Gating Exclusive Offers Makes Targeted Promotions Truly Targeted

Students and the military are high value segments. Using gated offers as targeted promotions ensures you're reaching the buyers you want to.
Targeted promotions aimed at specific groups like the military or students have been around for a while. But verifying that the customer is a legitimate member of the targeted group has always hampered their effectiveness because it wasn’t possible to do online. Just ask Lowe’s. Lowe’s has made a strong commitment to recognizing the military ...
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What are Gated Offers?

Gated Offers
Gated offers are targeted, gated promotions designed for members of a particular group based on their occupation, life stage or affiliation, such as “college student” or “member of the military.” Done correctly, the process for redeeming a gated offer is protected by digital verification, a step that checks consumers’ credentials against authoritative data to confirm ...
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Zoosk Fights Online Romance Scams with Military Verification

Zoosk's online dating platform uses military verification to protect clients from romance scams perpetrated by military impersonators. The company also provides a gated offer with a 20% discount to verified service members.
Romance scams are big business. In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 15,000 complaints, and victims’ financial losses exceeded $230 million -- a fraction of the actual loss because only 15 percent of these types of crime are ever reported. Sadly, 82 percent of romance scam victims are women, and women over 50 ...
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Headspace Uses Gated Offers to Prevent Discount Abuse

Headspace's gated offer gives students a one-year subscription to meditation sessions for just $9.99.
Successfully marketing your subscription business is no small feat. Competition is fierce, and customer acquisition costs (CAC) and churn are high. Companies are fighting back with steep initial discounts, but that strategy fails to engender true loyalty, as other trial offers entice customers to impulsively bounce to the next brand. To address these challenges, subscription ...
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How Kettlebell Kitchen Uses Gated Offers to Stand Out in the Subscription Crowd

An assortment of tailored meals prepared by Kettlebell Kitchen. The company uses gated offers to reward military members with a 15% discount on their subscription service.
In the subscription economy, competition is fierce. There are  nearly 7,000 subscription box companies worldwide, and major brands are staking their claim: Amazon just launched a Prime Book Box for children’s books, Ipsy is adding new products to their already successful subscription box, and Microsoft announced that Xbox will now be sold as a subscription ...
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