SheerID CEO in MarTech Advisor: Why Telecom Brands Are Taking a New Approach to Personalized Marketing

Marketers continue to search for the best way to create a lasting connection with consumers. And identity marketing, a new form of personalized marketing, is rising to the top.  Especially now, during these uncertain times, consumers are paying close attention to how brands are engaging with them. Quality communication is far more important than quantity.  ...
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AT&T Delivers Good News: 3 Months of Free Service for Nurses and Doctors

Doctors and Nurses Featured Image
Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the pandemic, and people all over the world are applauding their heroic efforts. Now leading brands are stepping in to show their support, too.  AT&T announced on Sunday that it was offering nurses and doctors three free months of wireless service through its FirstNet—a network that provides ...
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