Think Outside the Mailbox: How to Digitize a New Movers Campaign

As a frequent mover, I’ve changed my address with USPS many times. I always sign up to receive the new-mover offers, and I’m always disappointed when the packet arrives. The discounts are often too small to make much of a difference, and keeping track of paper coupons in the chaos of my move is nearly impossible. 

As a marketer, I see a missed opportunity. New movers spend an average of $10k in the first 12 months after buying a home. And every year, they spend $3.1 billion on furniture, appliances, repair, and more. Giving new movers an exclusive discount is a great way to win some of that business. 

But how do you create a digital offer that’s secure enough to be compelling and convenient enough for new movers to access whenever they’re ready to buy?

Announcing New Movers Verification

Luckily for movers like me (and marketers like you), it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m delighted to announce that SheerID is launching New Movers Verification—a novel approach that lets you digitize and optimize your new mover campaigns and deliver a much improved experience to your customers.

SheerID New Movers Verification will instantly verify that a customer has changed their address or bought a new home in the last 60 days. Our platform uses authoritative data sources and seamlessly integrates into your purchase process, making it quick and easy for customers to receive your discount. 

This new approach allows you to shift from costly direct mail campaigns to a fully digital customer acquisition program. And verifying eligibility secures your offer and increases your return by preventing discount abuse.


Why it Works

In the field of identity marketing, we know that engaging with new customers based on personal attributes like their occupation or life stage helps forge lasting connections. Brands like Comcast and Michaels have used identity marketing to target students and seniors and seen 6x conversions and won hundreds of thousands of new customers.

And since moving is frequently cited as one of the most stressful times in our lives, making your customers feel seen and appreciated at this juncture in their lives can make a big impression and lead to lifelong loyalty.

Finally, the pool of prospective customers is massive. In 2021, 27 million Americans moved. And on average, we move 11.7 times over the course of our lives.

7 Reasons to Use New Movers Verification

01 Increase Conversions through Better Customer Experience

When customers don’t have to juggle paper coupons, it’s much easier for them to make purchases—driving conversions for your campaign.

02 Prevent Revenue Loss to Discount Abuse

Codes from direct mail can be easily shared and used by non-movers. With New Mover Verification, you can rest assured that your discounts won’t be exploited.

03 Offer More Generous Discounts That Will Motivate Buyers

Remember how disappointed I was by that five percent discount? Don’t let that be your first customer’s first impression of your brand. With the security of New Movers Verification, you can afford to extend more appealing offers for the kinds of high-value purchases new movers make, like appliances and furniture.

04 Create Urgency with a Time-Limited Offer

We verify your customers have moved or bought a home within 60 days. Letting new movers know their eligibility expires will move them to act and convert more quickly.

05 Get First-Party Data and Nurture Customer Loyalty

With New Movers Verification, you give your customer a discount and they happily provide you with valuable personal information in order to redeem it. This first-party data is the foundation for re-engaging them with new campaigns as their purchase history grows.

06 Promote Your Offer Broadly and Digitally

Paid ads, email, social media: with digital verification, you can add numerous touch points to your new movers campaign and increase engagement across all channels.

07 Save Money by Avoiding Costly Direct Mail Campaigns

Digital campaigns almost always cost less and offer better tracking/analytics and greater agility for testing and optimizing than direct mail alone.

Ready to explore how identity verification from SheerID can bring your new mover campaign into the digital age? Schedule a demo to learn more! 

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