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Want a Student Discount? Ask for one.

As the third in our series of guest blog posts by college students, Danielle Schmitt, a student at Lane Community College, talks about why students should unapologetically ask for a student discount.     

Broke As a Joke

“I’m a broke college student” is a common phrase you hear from a young scholar. We
SheerID Mascot Kelly cheers on the teamspend loads of time doing homework, in our lectures, studying for tests and extra curricular activities. Many of us do not even have time for a part-time job. And those who do, well they must have some great time-management skills. So for most of us, we are and will continue to be broke college students who are always looking for good deals. I would say a majority of college students have no shame in shopping at second hand clothing stores and Goodwill in order to get what we need for cheap. It’s hard to go out and do anything “extra” when you’re on a tight budget. Extras could be anything from seeing a movie at the cheap seats for $1.50, splurging on a manicure, or going with your friends to get froyo every once in a while. For many of us, we think twice about these extras before we do them. Seeing as how our pockets are typically quite empty. What businesses need to do is: Offer student discounts!

talking human figuresTalk, Talk, Talk

First of all, as we know, college students talk. For many, college is a time of socializing. Whether it be girls in a sorority, guys in a fraternity, intramural teammates, or the person they sit next to in class. But, no matter what group they are in, there is communication. If businesses were to offer a killer student discount, college students would talk amongst each other and there would be a steady flood on students using their “extra” cash at these places. For examples, Regal Cinemas promotes going to movies during the week be offering $5 Tuesdays for any movie, anytime on that day of the week. The amount of sales have dramatically increased by offering this deal! I know, it is not a college student discount. But in a college town, students jump at the chance to save a few bucks. We talk about this night! We post on Facebook, Twitter, and take pictures with Instagram about our $5 Tuesdays. Regal Cinemas doesn’t have to do a ton of marketing, we do it for them! Also, being social butterflies, this is not likely to be an activity we indulge in alone. We go in a group! We invite people, who invite people, who invite people. It is a win for the business and a win for the customer! So why don’t other businesses follow?

What Can We Do?

Do you know those little suggestion or comment cards that we tend to ignore 99.9% of thedollar signs time at our favorite place? Fill it out! Take the 2 minutes to fill it out with your suggestion. Whether it be to simply offer a 10% student discount or to have $1 tacos a specific night for all students, get your idea out there. If that is not an option and its a locally owned business then mention it to a manager or an employee. Like I said before, people talk! Include the fact that you would visit more often if you were just cut a small brake. Why should we spend the little money we have to support a business that will not support us right back? Do your part and get those discounts rolling!

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