Verified Data. More Conversions.

​Collect customer data you can trust and create bold campaigns with SheerID's Identity Marketing platform.


Create an exclusive offer for your key customers to enjoy.


Use SheerID to validate the data they provide to redeem it.


Use the verified data to nurture their loyalty.

The Fastest Growing Companies Use SheerID, Are You Joining Them?

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Why Marketers Love SheerID Data


The data SheerID provides is highly valuable because it is self-attested. It’s also privacy-friendly because your customers willingly and directly share it.


SheerID uses 9,000+ authoritative data sources to verify the accuracy of your customers’ data, including their membership in the community you are targeting.

Brand Owned

You own all the data you collect—not a third-party vendor who will use it to grow their business. SheerID never uses, sells, or shares your data.