The 5-Point Plan
for Identity Marketing

See how you can create an identity marketing program to acquire consumer tribes.

— How it Works —

Consumer Tribes


Select Consumer Tribe

Choose a customer group whose attributes align well with your brand. With SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform, you can engage consumer tribes, including students, teachers, seniors, and the military.


Create a Personalized Offer

Develop an offer that appeals to your target consumer tribe. Use SheerID to gate the offer with instant verification backed with authoritative data to ensure authenticity and prevent cannibalization.


Invite Consumers

Promote the offer across your existing channels to raise awareness. Respect your customers’ privacy concerns by allowing eligible customers to opt-in and redeem it.


Activate Word of Mouth

Increase awareness within the consumer tribe with member testimonials and videos. Use the power of social media and referrals to spread the offer.

Word of mouth info
Brand Loyalty Wheel


Re-Engage to Build Loyalty

Integrate the rich information provided by the consumer into your CRM, and then nurture them through your loyalty program.

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Get the Definitive Guide
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