Identity Marketing and Promotional Pricing

Increase engagement and protect margins by securing your offers with digital verification.

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Typical Promotions Erode Brand Value

How Discounts Fall Short

You have plenty of ways to win a purchase—coupons, flash sales, price breaks—but they all have hidden costs.

Mass discounts often create more noise in a crowded marketplace. They can also attract bargain hunters who only shop for deals, and are not brand loyal.

And if you run them too often, they can condition your customers to wait for your next sale, or erode your brand’s perceived value—an effect that is hard to overcome.

How Identity Marketing Creates Enduring Brand Relationship

With identity marketing, you create an offer exclusively for a consumer community—like students, teachers, or the military—and use digital verification to ensure only eligible consumers can redeem it.

Because your promotion has singled your customers out and made them feel special, they don’t just redeem the offer and leave, they come back again and again.

Your offer isn’t a short-term ploy for their business, it’s part of an ongoing exchange that creates authentic brand connections and provides mutual, long-term value.

Offers That Win Customers and Build Brand Loyalty

Protecting an Offer Activates Word of Mouth

The Power of Exclusivity

Research shows that when a consumer community receives an exclusive offer, they buy more, purchase more frequently, and spread the offer through word of mouth.

When you verify a consumer’s eligibility for your offer, you protect your margins and underscore their status as a unique and preferred group.

Identity marketing activates a person’s deep sense of belonging to a group, which encourages sharing, lowers acquisition costs, drives revenue, and launches a meaningful brand relationship that leads to greater loyalty.


"SheerID is helping us acquire and retain customers with personalized offers that acknowledge people’s unique identities and the contributions they make to our communities"

Jon Pickard
Senior Manager of eCommerce
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“SheerID provided a 100% guarantee that only students could redeem the offer, which gave us the confidence to make it really appealing to Gen Z without any fear of losing revenue to discount abuse."

Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing
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“We've done some testing where we've had personalized assets that led to a custom landing page and we have seen up to a 15% lift in conversion rate.”

Torrie Belknap
VP of Marketing
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Launch an Identity Marketing Campaign in 3 Easy Steps


Pick a consumer community that aligns with your brand and create an exclusive offer just for them. Promote the offer through all your channels.


When consumers redeem your offer, verify their eligibility with SheerID Verification Platform to prevent discount abuse.


Use the first-party data you collect to re-engage customers, including campaigns on holidays that celebrate them, such as Veterans Day or Teacher Appreciation Week.

Find Your Consumer Community

Your brand has ideal customers. When you identify the consumer communities they belong to, you can use an exclusive offer to win their business and grow their customer lifetime value.

The Military is Both Diverse and United

Nearly half of active-duty soldiers are under 25 years old, 18% of AC commissioned officers are female, and more than half of veterans are over 65. That seems like a disparate group, but serving in the military brings them together, and they all like when companies honor their service. Nearly 75% of the military said they actively seek out brands that offer military discounts, and more than 60% said they would shop at those brands more often.

Spending Power
Memorial Day - May
Veterans Day - November
“Our high quality, made-in-America products appeal to the military community, and the discount we offer generates greater conversions and deepens the brand relationship because it demonstrates how much we value them in a way that a universal discount just can't."
Paulina Izvorski
Retention Marketing Associate

Nursing is America’s Most Trusted Profession

Everyone counts on nurses, which may be why more than half of them report feeling overwhelmed. That doesn’t stop them from working hard—or appreciating brands that recognize their dedication. More than 2 in 3 nurses said receiving a personalized offer would make them feel thankful, and 96% said it would give them a positive view of the brand.

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US Spending Power
National Nurses Week - May
"SheerID's Identity Marketing Platform made it easy for us to truly reward nurses and launch a positive brand relationship with them."
Jordan Clegg
Brand Manager, Integrated Marketing

College is a Defining Experience

Ninety-two percent of college students identify with being in college more strongly than their religion, family role, hobby, or nationality/cultural background. Companies that recognize the unique experience of students win their business. When offered a student discount, half of students would try out a new brand, and 45% would use it to make a purchase sooner.

US Spending Power
Back to School - Summer
"Xfinity's College Student Program is the top-performing gated program in Comcast history, and much of the credit goes to SheerID."
Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

Teachers Put Their Students First

Teachers love their work so much that a vast majority spend their own money on school supplies. They also look for brands that support them and reward the ones that do. Three in four teachers prefer to buy from brands that offer teacher discounts, and 93% are more likely to buy school supplies from those brands.

In US, UK, Germany, France
US Spending Power
Teacher Appreciation Week - May
Back to School - Summer
"Teachers are educating the future. We want to reward them for who they are by giving them a special offer they couldn’t get from any of our competitors."
Jon Pickard
Senior Manager of eCommerce

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