Help Those in Need.
Win Loyal Customers.

Acquire low-income customers by creating gated offers that generate goodwill for your brand and give you zero-party data to build even greater loyalty.

Create Deals for Low-Income Customers and Instantly Verify Their Eligibility

Giving an exclusive offer to low-income communities is a great way to acquire new customers who might not otherwise purchase from your company. It also creates a genuine connection with people who need assistance, which generates tremendous goodwill that can elevate your brand.

SheerID Verification Platform protects your offer from discount abuse by instantly verifying that a customer is eligible for US government assistance programs like SNAP. And the verification process gives you zero-party data you can use to re-engage customers to facilitate their loyalty.


SNAP Participants


of SNAP participants are in families with children


of SNAP participants have gross incomes at or below the poverty line

Why Use SheerID to Provide Low-Income Deals

Win New Customers

Special offers are highly appealing, especially for people on tight budgets. With SheerID, you can cost-effectively acquire new customers at a price-point they can afford. Research shows that exclusive offers make customers try a new brand, buy more items, and purchase sooner.

Generate a Halo of Goodwill

Recognizing a customer’s needs genuinely engages customers in a way that captures their attention and endears them to your brand. It also creates a positive impression of your company for everyone who supports helping those in need.

Activate Word of Mouth and Reduce CAC

Exclusive offers create an emotional connection with your brand that drives revenue and word of mouth, which lowers your acquisition costs. Seventy percent of emotionally engaged consumers spend up to 2x or more on their favorite brands, and 80% promote preferred brands to family and friends.

Prevent Discount Abuse

High-value offers attract fraudsters who want to take advantage of a good deal. SheerID instantly verifies low-income status to ensure only eligible customers can redeem your offer, which protects your margins and increases the ROI of your program.

How Top Brands are Using SheerID


Comcast Creates a Gen Z Magnet

Comcast partnered with Amazon Music to create a compelling offer for students and gated it with SheerID to ensure it was reaching the right audience.

The program quickly became the top-performing gated program in Comcast history, growing subscriptions by 6x and increasing conversions by 91%.

"Partnering with SheerID has given us a powerful new way to capture and retain our ideal customer segment, and has set us up for long-term success."
Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

Rothy’s Devoted Fans Drive Revenue

When the pandemic hit, Rothy’s asked its customers how the company should respond and they said it should extend its teacher discount to nurses and other frontline workers.

The company listened, and it paid off. Adding these groups to Rothy’s program grew its revenue by 60%.

"Using SheerID to digitally verify every shopper helped us acquire new customers, increase loyalty, and ensure the program was profitable."
Matt Gehring
SVP of Growth

NFL Sunday Ticket Scores Lifelong Fans

When the pandemic hit, DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket wanted to double down on its efforts to win student subscribers with an exclusive discount, so it partnered with SheerID to ensure only college students could redeem the offer.

Verifying students gave the company confidence to run a big, “4th-and-long” campaign that scored a 29% increase in student subscribers and a 75% student renewal rate.

"Knowing SheerID uses authoritative data sources to secure our offer made us confident it wouldn’t be cannibalized."
Jamie Dyckes
Assistant Vice President Sports & Premiums Marketing, Video Subscriptions