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As a thank you, Lifelock wants to help protect the identities of the men and women who have served our country with an exclusive military offer. Military members can receive a free 30 day trial of a Lifelock program and a discount a protection plan. To get started, type MIL3015 into the promo code on the pricing page and you will be prompted to verify your military status.

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Working from a computer or mobile device is something most of us do daily. All of our technology gives us access to a lot of information, but it also makes us very prone to identity theft. LifeLock’s software is dedicated to protecting our identities through leveraging unique data, patented technology, and providing identity threat detection, proactive identity alerts, and comprehensive remediation services. Currently, LifeLock has more than 3.6 million members using their software that have peace of mind that they are not a threat to identity theft.

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