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Since all of the Logitech products are produced to enhance your learning experience, Logitech is proud to offer exclusive student and teacher discounts through Logitech Academy. The Logitech Store is a great way for college students and educators to purchase select Logitech accessories at special pricing.

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Starting in 1981, Logitech was focused on producing the best mice within the industry and wanted to provide their customers with a better experience within the digital world. Since then, Logitech has expanded their expertise in product design immensely and gone far beyond the computer mouse. While they have stuck to their original goal of providing an excellent experience when using their products, they have ventured into other categories of electronics including keyboards, webcams, headsets, remotes, gaming accessories, speakers, tablet accessories, mobile accessories and much more. Logitech strives for their devices to create rich, comfortable, fun, productive, convenient and delightful experiences for their consumers.