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For many retailers across the country, sales are often short and intermittent. Boden, the international clothing retailer who sells primarily online and through mail order catalogs, is one such retailer that runs a variety of promotions throughout the year for special customer groups, most notably teachers. And while these promotions often only run for a short period of time, it’s important to Boden that these offers are protected from discount abuse.

Boden has relied on SheerID for many of their offers, which has given them the ability to test a variety of new promotions without the fear of them going viral and being taken advantage of by ineligible parties. This year Boden wanted to create a back-to-school program to provide teachers and professors additional benefits, such as 20% off of orders $49 or more plus free shipping and returns.

Because their initial integration was already complete, the team at SheerID was able to update the content and offer for Boden’s new promotion, giving them the quick and agile service they needed to get their new offer up and running.

Quick and painless, these on-off promotions verified by SheerID give Boden the freedom to try new offers and generate new interest in their products, all while protecting their margins.