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Client Success: Bunion Bootie

Reaching Targeted Audiences with Strategic Discounting

Bunion Bootie was established in 2011 by a group of bunion sufferers who came together in search of an effective non-surgical treatment for bunions. It is the perfect answer for those with active lifestyles or who must stay on their feet for prolonged periods. Hundreds of thousands of office professionals, shift workers, athletes, and users worldwide have become Bunion Bootie loyalists.


In response to overwhelming interest expressed by active duty military and other members of the military community, Bunion Bootie introduced a Military Discount Program. Distributing the discount was simple, but figuring out how to broadcast the news of the military offer without introducing the possibility of fraud was a challenge.

SheerID’s service is dependable and provides a great opportunity to give discounts to those that serve.

Founder, Bunion Bootie


SheerID’s hosted verification solution ensure fraud would be eliminated from Bunion Bootie’s offer. When military customers and teachers click the button labeled “Click Here to Get Started”, they are directed to a form that is hosted by SheerID.

After completing the brief form, members of the military are issued unique, one-time use coupon codes that take 10% off their purchase.

Once eligibility verification was in place to protect the offer, SheerID and Bunion Bootie partnered on a Memorial Day press release to launch the program.


The military program has been a big success. Because of their military discount, Bunion Bootie has received coverage on military spouse web sites, blogs, and in resource guides. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) placed direct orders to provide Bunion Booties to patients of the VA hospital.

After seeing the success of the Military Discount Program, Bunion Bootie decided to extend a 10% discount to K-12 teachers, as well.

The program’s ROI has only been one measurement of success. When evaluating the military and teacher programs, Bunion Bootie also looks at conversion rates. 40% of people who have clicked “Click Here to Get Started” have submitted a verification form. The conversion rate of customers who have completed a transaction after verification has also been high. 51% of military and teacher verified customers continue on to purchase using the code provided by SheerID.

Lifetime value of a customer is another important metric because over 30% of Bunion Bootie’s customers come back to repurchase, and their repeat customers tend to place orders that are 2-3 times larger than their initial purchases. A large percentage of the customers who use military and teacher coupon codes are new Bunion Bootie customers.

Additionally, partnering with SheerID has prevented thousands of dollars’ worth of fraud. 49% of consumers who attempt to redeem the teacher discount and 34% of those who try to redeem the military offer have not qualified for the discounts.

The program’s success can also be measured qualitatively.

We love that we can offer discounts to teachers who in many states, are underpaid and under appreciated. The same applies to military customers. We tend to see them after they’ve been discharged or retire from their service – years of wearing unsupportive boots during service and on tours can really wreak havoc on their feet. We want to give back any way we can. SheerID’s service is dependable and provides a great opportunity to give discounts to those that serve.

Founder, Bunion Bootie

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