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Gerber Gear

Gerber Gear is an Oregon-based knives manufacturer, specializing in blades, cutting tools, multi-tools and equipment. Used by hunters, soldiers, and tradesmen for nearly 80 years now, the Gerber brand has continued to grow in popularity and loyalty since its inception in the late 1930’s.

With a growing customer-base of public service members, Gerber Gear wanted to show their appreciation. As such, the company created the Gerber’s Pro Program, which provides leading members of the community and industry with exclusive access and pricing on American made knives, tools, and equipment. However, with access to this program and certain products only available to those that qualified, Gerber Gear relied on an in-house verification process that often took longer than customers would wait for.

As a result, Gerber Gear teamed up with SheerID to speed up their verification process, going from days to minutes. This way, Gerber Gear could continue to offer exclusive deals and access to the Pro Program for military members and first responders, however, they could do this almost instantly with no internal manpower required.

Customers can simply verify their affiliation and information on the SheerID hosted verification page, designed for Gerber Gear’s specific online experience. The form is simple and requires only non-sensitive information, and best yet, it provides near instant results. Pretty sharp!

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