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Guitar Center

Guitar Center, the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in the world with 269 locations in the US, has had a booming business for decades now. Over the years, it’s subsidiaries have grown, as well. Both Music & Arts and Musician’s Friend are steadily growing their customer bases, especially online.

As both look to expand their customer bases, Music & Arts and Musician’s Friend decided to offer special pricing to the military community and students respectively. Using customized SheerID implementations, both utilized verification technology to protect their offers with a streamlined process. Here’s how:

For the Music and Arts military program, SheerID created a hosted lightbox iframe for the customized verification form. Customers can go to checkout, upon which the iframe pops up. Once filled out and successfully verified, those customers are rewarded with a single-use coupon code to use to complete their purchase.

Musicians Friend sought out SheerID for a special Veteran’s Day campaign they ran for military customers. SheerID implemented a custom-branded iframe for the military verification form, and like the Music and Arts verification process, successfully verified customers are sent a single-use coupon code. Given its connection to Veteran’s Day, the Musician’s Friend military offer was included in SheerID’s annual, highly successful Veteran’s Day PR campaign.

After a successful Veteran’s Day campaign, Musician’s Friend decided to implement a call center application for the military. The Musician’s Friend call center performs military verifications on behalf of their customers using a unique verification page that is identical to the online template, with the following exceptions:

  1. A unique URL specific to the call center
  2. An email sent on instant verification failure, which contains a tokenized link to documentation upload
  3. A displayed success page with coupon code for call center use, versus an email
  4. A post-document review success email that links back to Musician’s Friend shopping cart

Following the military offers, Musician’s Friend decided to create a special offer for students, as well. With a similar implementation to the military program, SheerID created a hosted lightbox iframe, where students were prompted to fill out the short verification form, and upon successful verification, are rewarded with a single-use coupon code provided by Musician’s Friend.

Using custom implementations, hosted verification forms, and branded pages from SheerID, these Guitar Center subsidiaries were able to create special campaigns to better reach their target customer segments.

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