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If you’re a festival goer, you may have heard of KAABOO. For those not in the know, KAABOO is a popular three-day festival in Southern California with music, comedy, art, and cuisine. With thousands attending each year, KAABOO wanted to ensure that special interest groups, including students and military, were able to receive their tickets at a promotional rate.

To do this, KAABOO needed a way to offer these tickets online so eligible parties wouldn’t have to wait in line and could purchase their specially-priced tickets ahead of time. KAABOO found SheerID and implemented both the student and military verification on their website to allow online purchasing of these promotional tickets.

In addition to bringing these deals online, SheerID’s verification services have allowed KAABOO to openly market to the large populations of local college students and military communities about their new promotional programs.

No hidden landing pages, no long waiting times. KAABOO is covered on all sides with SheerID.