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Lowe’s Home Improvement, one of the biggest and most recognizable home improvement companies in the US, has always been a military friendly brand. Founded by an Army veteran, the company has long been dedicated to supporting the military community, from consistently hiring veterans to reaching the military community through volunteering.

In addition to its corporate support, Lowe’s has offered special military pricing to current and retired members of the military community. However, as online sales grew and the company put more of a focus on customer experience, they decided to revamp their existing military program with instant verification from SheerID built into their MyLowes loyalty experience. This loyalty card is used in-stores or online for quick identification.

SheerID was able to implement its technology directly into the existing MyLowes enrollment experience, simply adding a custom verification form to instantly verify before enrollment is complete. This all takes place without disrupting the sign-up flow and allows Lowe’s to ensure only eligible customers are receiving this special benefit.

After the one-time enrollment and verification are complete, US military customers can present their MyLowes card at the store cash register, scan their card at self-checkout or sign in to their account at and receive a 10% discount on their purchases.

With verification in place, Lowe’s can take their dedication to the military community one-step further, without added complications.

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