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Mii Baby

Mii Baby is a US based company specializing in safe, highly-engineered baby products focused on health and wellness for the mother and baby. This small business launched in 2010 and is the result of a dedicated team of individuals joining their expertise in the fields of Health, Organics, Design, Manufacturing, and Ethics.

With products that range from patented breast pumps, borosilicate glass bottles, as well as a wide selection of USA and French-made organic home cleaning and body care products, this company wanted to extend these special products to some of the most deserving parents around: Military parents. That’s why they decided to create an exclusive military discount of 20% on their products for military families.

Being a small business, Mii Baby wanted to find a solution that would keep these offers exclusive while also making them available to their customers across the country via their website. SheerID offered an affordable, high-quality verification solution that allowed them to do just that.

SheerID implemented verification via a hosted web form that is clickable directly on the top navigation bar on the Mii Baby website. Once customers click on this link, they simply verify their military status by filling out a very short web form. Upon approval, customers receive a unique, one-time use code that can be redeemed during the checkout process.

For some of the most deserving families out there, Mii Baby can now make sure they get access to their patented products at a great price.

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