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Omron Healthcare

Omron Healthcare, a market leader in healthcare products including home blood pressure monitors, pedometers and heart rate monitors, sells their products online to customers from all walks of life. Looking to drive additional sales and loyalty, Omron decided to bring special offers to some of those consumers: teachers, students, military members, and first responders.

To ensure that these exclusive online offers stay that way, Omron Healthcare looked to SheerID to verify customers’ eligibility. With a custom implementation, SheerID built hosted landing pages to match the existing website and experience, complete with a lightbox verification window that pops up over the existing page.

Once the form is filled out and a customer is verified, they issue a single-use coupon code. Given that these special offers are offered to two different groups, SheerID pulls unique coupon codes from two different pools to satisfy each segment.

Using a simple online process complete with verification, all within the existing website, qualified customers can easily purchase their products while Omron can stay confident that their offers are protected.

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