Posted on Oct 26, 2016 · 1 min read


Advertising wildly valuable incentives for new customers is not a new tactic for cellphone carriers. The battle to win the most subscribers away from other providers is constantly being waged.

Like their competitors, Sprint was looking for a better way to not only draw new subscribers to their service but provide a better customer experience to an existing subset of their own customer base – the military community.

By extending a 15% monthly discount for service and integrating SheerID’s verification API to protect the offer, Sprint is increasing their reach with a large group of dedicated and loyal consumers and creating a faster turnaround to verify that military status.

Previously, Sprint required service members and veterans to provide a .mil email address or physically show military credentials to a Sprint representative to qualify for the military program. However, that prevented a significant portion of their desired prospective military market from qualifying and put an unnecessary burden on their in-store and customer service representatives. By using SheerID’s online verification service, as well as utilizing the SheerID verification console on iPads in-store, military personnel can safely and instantly verify where ever they engage with Sprint.

sheerus by sheerus