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Client Success: TOMS

Attracting High-Value Customers with an Exclusive Retail Experience

TOMS first came onto the scene in 2006, quickly gaining in popularity mainly due to its innovative “One for One” campaign: For every pair of shoes purchased, a new pair is donated to a child in need. With a foundation of corporate social responsibility, TOMS has expanded into eyewear products, bags, and more, each with its own charitable giving organization.


A proven innovator in corporate responsibility, TOMS is always looking for new ways it can give back to the community and serve customers — a winning formula for
all stakeholders. As such, TOMS decided to create exclusive online programs for students, teachers and all branches of the military to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase conversion rates online
  • Uphold dedication to corporate social responsibility

Since approximately 35% of exclusive offers are fraudulently redeemed, TOMS knew they needed a solution to protect the valuable offers they were providing to these customer groups, while supporting an easy to use, frictionless eCommerce experience that maximized conversion rates. TOMS also wanted a solution that was easy to implement and wouldn’t require excess time and resources.

TOMS had tried an affiliate student marketing program in the past with limited success.


SheerID’s digital verification platform “met all of TOMS requirements” said Stacy Carpenter, UI/UX Manager for TOMS, with the SheerID team quickly and simply integrating the technology into the existing TOMS online experience. As a result, TOMS was able to launch their various exclusive offers across multiple channels and extend reach through SheerID-supported affiliate programs, with a seamless process for customers:

  1. Visit TOMS landing page
  2. Submit online verification form
  3. Upon instant approval, customer is issued a one-time use coupon code
SheerID has been an invaluable partner for us here at TOMS, not only because their team is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with, but also because their technology has been instrumental in making our special offer programs a huge success.

Stacy Carpenter, UI/UX Manager at TOMS


TOMS saw an overwhelmingly positive response to their exclusive offer programs, with customers verified by SheerID accounting for 6% of all TOMS orders in a one-year period.

To ensure conversions remained high, SheerID’s team deployed retargeting emails to re-engage unconverted customers. These emails saw a 35.5% open rate. Ultimately TOMS found that 46% of customers that made a purchase using a verified coupon code were new-to-file customers.

Not only was SheerID’s platform an essential part of encouraging new customers to consider a TOMS purchase, but its quick and easy process led to increased conversions and increased sales. Given the multi-tiered effectiveness of this technology, it’s no surprise that TOMS saw a 20:1 ROI; for every $1 spent on verification, TOMS made $20 in sales.

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