SheerID Advocate Program

Showcase your brand. Raise your professional profile. Get rewarded.

Identity Marketing Leaders

Being a member of the Identity Marketing Leaders program gives customers the opportunity to promote their brand, grow professionally, share their experiences, and receive rewards and fun prizes.

About the Program

Identity Marketing Leaders are a group of customers who are thought leaders, power users, and brand advocates that are leading the way in personalized offers to consumer tribes.

Benefits of Joining

Members of the program are first to learn about thought leadership opportunities and joint marketing activities that give their brand and offer further exposure.

Rewards for Members

As a token of our appreciation, we award points for each completed activity as thanks for our members’ active participation.

Showcase Your Brand

We work with customers to find the right opportunities to rise above the noise, highlight their personalized offers, and share how they are targeting specific consumer tribes to build brand loyalty. Our marketing team leverages social outlets, press and media, and other channels to spread the word about the unique offers from our brands.

We partner with customers on activities such as: