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Acquire Customers with Personalized Offers for Employees

Drive revenue and prevent fraud by verifying eligibility for corporate discounts.

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Protect Your Corporate Discount Program With SheerID Verification

Corporate discount programs can be a customer acquisition goldmine. Delivering personalized marketing to a consumer community based on their core identity—such as their occupation —moves them to act.

Co-workers form a powerful consumer community that is deeply connected. The long hours spent at the office and the thrill of sharing successes are intimate experiences that create a unique bond amongst colleagues.


Coverage of Employers Worldwide


Would share an offer with colleagues

4 in 5

Will try a new brand when offered an employee discount

How SheerID Helps Your Corporate Discount Program

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Activate a New Acquisition Channel

A corporate discount program can be a powerful customer acquisition tool. It allows you to reward employees at your corporate partners with exclusive discounts or offers that aren’t available to the general public. By backing your offer with SheerID, you ensure your high-value offer is protected from fraud.

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Prevent Revenue Loss From Discount Fraud

Employment verification prevents fraudulent use of discounts by using instant digital verification to ensure a person is currently employed at that company. Many companies use coupon codes, but these can easily go viral and are often fraudulently redeemed by shoppers who never earned them.

  • When using coupon codes alone, fraudulent redemption of personalized offers can be as high as 35%.
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Encourage Word of Mouth

Consumer communities have strong networks, and when a good thing comes their way, they spread the word. Research shows that 97% of employees who receive a personalized offer will tell a colleague about it.

Corporate discount programs activate the same kind of sharing. An employee who used their corporate discount to stay in a luxurious hotel or buy a fancy new outfit is going to rave about it at the office. That kind of praise will make your offer go viral, and with employment verification, that’s just what you want.

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Eliminate Manual Process

Many brands verify eligibility for their corporate discount program through a manual process, such as requiring shoppers to show a pay stub in person. But manual verification strains internal resources and consumes valuable time.

With SheerID Employment verification, employees can redeem the promotion online instantly, eliminating the hassle of in-store visits or customer service calls and optimizing conversion.

Recognize Employees During Important Times of the Year

Mark your Calendar! Holidays and key season trends are a great way to create peak promotion opportunities throughout the year that are unique to each group

How Top Brands are Using SheerID

Targus Activated an inventive Acquisition Strategy

Targus, a longtime provider of high-quality laptop bags and technology accessories, leveraged employment verification for their corporate partner program. By verifying current employees at their corporate partners, they could offer high-value discounts of their products without fear of fraud.

Employment verification allows us to transform our partner program into an inventive strategy for acquiring new customers. We can reward employees at our corporate partners and be confident that when they share the deal with colleagues, the offer will stay protected and not result in discount fraud.”
Jon Pickard
Senior Manager of eCommerce

Sprint Ends Employee Discount Abuse

Sprint’s employee discount programs have helped the company acquire and deepen connections with an even wider range of high-value customers. And securing the programs with SheerID has made a huge impact:

Preserving profit marginss
Eliminating manual processes
Preventing revenue losses from code sharing
“After implementing SheerID, we saw more people verifying. In addition, SheerID’s team has done a great job to really flex to what we needed and has been very responsive. We value them as one of our top partners.”
Amy James
Marketing Manager, Sprint

Headspace Supports Teachers and Wins Business

Headspace wanted to honor educators — an undervalued group it sees as pivotal to society—but needed help creating a personalized offer to engage them. By partnering with SheerID, they were able to provide free access to their meditation service, with a big impact:

25k new subscribers
33% reduction in fraud
15% increase in email CTR
“Teachers often face limited budgets and receive little recognition for their work. Giving them our app for free allows us to thank them for their service and nurture an authentic brand relationship built on trust.”
Lino Reveles Trujillo
Social Impact Lead

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