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Rethink Your Personalization Strategy

Personalized marketing works—if it truly reflects your audience. But demographics like gender and zip code don’t really tell you much about your buyer. Plus, third-party data is unreliable and expensive, and the unscrupulous way it’s collected is eroding consumer trust. 

With SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform, you can deliver gated, personalized offers to consumer tribes based on deep-seated attributes, such as their life stage (students, seniors), occupation (teachers), or affiliation (the military community, nurses, or first responders).

Identity marketing creates a powerful emotional connection with your buyers because it honors who they really are. And it’s highly effective because it triggers incredible word of mouth, which lowers your acquisition costs.

SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform enables brands to:

Grow In-Store
Visits by


Reduce Discount
Abuse by


See Return on
Advertising Spend of


Top Consumer Tribes for Retail

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Acquire the next generation of consumers
with gated, personalized offers.

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Use personalized offers to show teachers
your appreciation.

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Honor the military community with a
personalized offer just for them.

Using SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform to implement our military program has increased conversions by 6x and generated a ROAS of 25:1. The success has been phenomenal.

  Alisa Gammon 
  Performance Marketing Director  

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