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Win the Business of Key Professionals

Acquire new customers and brand influencers by giving gated, personalized offers to the consumer communities who most align with your brand.

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Win Customers Who Can Expand the Reach of Your Brand

A person's career is a meaningful aspect of their life, and their networks are often influential and lucrative. If they also work in your industry, they are your ideal customers. And the best way to capture their business and nurture their role as influencers is by giving them personalized offers that reward them for being in their profession.

With identity marketing, you can use a gated, exclusive offer to engage hundreds of professional groups—sportswear brands can connect with fitness instructors; cosmetic retailers can build relationships with estheticians. When professionals redeem your offer, SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform digitally verifies their eligibility, which protects your margins and gives you zero-party data you can use to nurture them into loyal brand influencers.

Highly Relevant Audiences

state-issued professional licenses.

Greater Buying Intent
4 in 5

consumers will try a new brand when offered an employee discount.

Incredible Word of Mouth

of consumer tribes would share an offer with eligible colleagues.

Verify Professionals in Your Network

  • Accountant
  • Agriculture
  • Air Transportation Professionals
  • Amusement and Gambling
  • Architect
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Attorney
  • Automotive Repair Professionals
  • Construction Professionals
  • Engineer
  • Finance and Insurance 
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Information and Media
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Interior Designer
  • Manufacturing
  • Performing Arts and Independent Artists
  • Personal Care Services
  • Public Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Scientific Research
  • Security Services
  • Social Services Counselor
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Transportation
  • Veterinary Professionals
And many more..

How SheerID Helps You Acquire Customers

Win Your Ideal Customers and Turn Them into Influencers
Win Your Ideal Customers and Turn Them into Influencers

Acquire professionals who are poised to use your products everyday with exclusive offers that make them feel valued and inspire them to recommend your brand to their clients and colleagues. Retain them with ongoing promotions that demonstrate your high regard for them and the special role they play as brand ambassadors.

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Protect Your Offers—and Your Key Relationships

You likely give your highest value offers to professionals who buy in bulk and have the opportunity to recommend your products to their customers and peers. When you digitally verify customers who redeem these exclusive offers, you ensure that only eligible professionals can redeem them. This prevents discount abuse and shows these customers how important they are to your brand, which encourages greater loyalty.

Inspire Viral Marketing Among Professional Networks
Inspire Viral Marketing Among Professional Networks

When professionals receive an offer that’s just for them, they can’t help but share it with their peer group. In fact, 93% of teachers and 98% of healthcare workers would share an offer with others they knew were eligible for it.

This incredible of word of mouth lowers acquisition costs and is what makes identity marketing campaigns deliver ROAS as high as 25:1

Streamline Purchases by Eliminating Manual Processes
Streamline Purchases by Eliminating Manual Processes

Many brands running professional programs verify eligibility for their offers by manually reviewing a customer’s professional license documentation—a process that consumes resources and creates friction for your customer.

SheerID instantly verifies a customer’s professional status as a seamless step within your brand experience. This saves time and money, eliminates the need for customers to create a third-party account, and can increase conversions by 6x.

Recognize Professionals During Important Times of the Year

Mark your Calendar! Holidays and key season trends are a great way to create peak promotion opportunities throughout the year that are unique to each group

How Top Brands are Using SheerID

Michael’s Streamlines Teacher Rewards

Arts and crafts retailer improved its customer experience for teachers by making its in-store teacher discount available online. By integrating SheerID into their loyalty program, they verified 200k customers and now give teachers their discount automatically for future online purchases.

“Integrating our senior, teacher, and military personalized offers into our rewards program has helped us more deeply engage some of our best customers. We can provide a richer experience and additional perks to groups we highly value.”
Steve Woodward
Senior Director – Digital Experience

Targus Acquires Teacher Customers

Targus, a longtime provider of high quality laptop bags and technology accessories, leveraged identity marketing to acquire teachers. Using language that would resonate with teachers such as, “recognizing your hard work,” they were able to communicate their support and capture teacher’s attention, resulting in huge wins for their campaign.

increase in revenue
increase in orders
higher conversion rate
“SheerID is helping us acquire and retain customers with personalized offers that acknowledge people’s unique identities and the contributions they make to our communities.”
Jon Pickard
Senior Manager of eCommerce

Rothy’s Devoted Fans Drive Revenue

When the pandemic hit, Rothy’s asked its customers how it could best respond. They said Rothy’s should offer its teacher discount to nurses and other frontline workers, so the company did.

Listening to its loyal customers paid off. Adding these groups to Rothy’s program grew its revenue by 60%.

“Using SheerID to digitally verify every shopper helped us acquire new customers, increase loyalty, and ensure the program was profitable.”
SVP of Growth

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