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SheerID Haikus

26 Oct SheerID Haikus

What can we say? We like haikus.

Yeah, that’s how we roll,
dear friendsEmbrace the Haiku
Haiku everyday

~group effort

Grandma’s umbrella
And white face cream inches thick
Announces summer



How could I forget
Today is Haiku Tuesday?
Best day of the week.


Yeah! Sitting outside
to eat lunch two days running
on our brand new bench



My daughter’s hamster
Is getting to that dreadful
Expiration point


President David
Fell seven feet and grounded
Landed on his feet



Newton found the law
Most people find their butts bruised
David found his feet


tuesday troubadour
triplet tumbles tranquilly
tightly timed tempo



My big birthday wish
Is to be a smarter ass
Blow out the candles


Today is my day
So hold a glass high for me
Because I can’t drink



Poor sad shopping carts
All alone and forgotten
Who abandoned you?


Yay! Chelle is back
One more week without Chelle
Would have made me sob



Sigh. 5 syllables
Just aren’t enough to describe
@SheerID’s sales team.


10 times better than
Ninety percent of the rest
Of the calls I get



Double Haiku–

He hates his photo
His double chin looks too fat
I say “Too bad, sir”

But it makes me think
How do you solve the problem?
Can chins do sit-ups?


Email created
Only the best for our peeps
Sending success, yay!


If you like haikus, follow SheerID on Twitter or search for #HaikuTuesday to read our latest and greatest haiku masterpieces. Want to send us your haiku? We are always accepting guest haikuers. Email yours to


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