The P.volve approach to fitness is as much about creating confidence as it is about building strength, which is why they’re offering a special student discount to help you get the body of your dreams. Students can stream P.volve workouts for $9.99/month and enjoy 20% off all equipment. The membership comes with their full library of tutorials, premium workouts, and 3 to 30-day structured programs to help you achieve your best body.

How do I verify for this offer?

Verify your status as a college student in the link below and, upon verification, you will be given a special code for both your streaming and equipment discount. Use your code to sign up for a streaming membership and your 20% off discount code to order your equipment!

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P.volve is a low impact, anti-pulse method that focuses on small, deliberate moves that tone the body. Through a mix of physical therapy, functional science and hip-opening exercises, celebrity personal trainer Stephen Pasterino teaches clients how to activate and strengthen those hard-to-target muscles.