Smith Micro Software

Smith Micro Software

Smith Micro wants all college students to have access to their top selling animation, illustration and utility products, so they offer exclusive educational pricing. College students can receive Smith Micro products 40% off.

How do I verify for this offer?

To receive this exclusive student discount, visit the Smith Micro educational store, when you select “Buy Digital” on the products you would like to purchase, you will be prompted to verify your student status.

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As the leader in wireless connectivity, Smith Micro creates their software to help simplify and enhance the mobile experience of all its users. With their premium voice, video, and content monetization services, Smith Micro is able to engage consumers and bring all of their projects to life. Some of their best selling products include Anime Studio Pro 11, Anime Studio Curriculum Guide, Manga Studio 5, Poser 10, Motion Artist, and StuffIt Deluxe.