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Customer acquisition is a primary focus of any marketing department, but acquiring new customers can be expensive, and it can be difficult to tell which approaches work and which don’t. The cost of customer acquisition is a key metric to weigh against the lifetime value gained from each customer.

Today, brands are turning to customer acquisition strategies like customer loyalty programs or gated, exclusive offers. Creating a gated offer program is a reliable way to bring new customers into your brand. In a recent survey we conducted with Kelton Global , 94% of Americans said they would take advantage of an exclusive offer not available to the general public. 

SheerID’s Digital Verification Platform ensures that your exclusive offers are secure, and that the process for verifying customers’ eligibility is quick and easy, which improves long-term customer acquisition.

Learn more about customer acquisition in our report on The State of Customer Acquisition.The report is based on a survey of 150 leaders in customer acquisition across five different consumer-facing industries. It provides insight into the challenges digital marketers face in a noisy marketplace and the customer acquisition strategies they’re using to meet them.

by Tony Coray

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