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Teachers are smart people, and they know the value of a good deal. In fact, 94% of teachers say they will go out of their way to shop at companies that offer teacher discounts. Six million educators in the US are spending a reported $1.5 billion in classrooms annually, and their brand loyalty spills over into their personal spending as well. Using SheerID’s verification services to create exclusive gated offers is a powerful strategy for marketing to teachers.

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by Tony Coray

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by Madeline Boehmer
In the United States, there are over 6.7 million teachers and administrators working hard every day to educate our students. While we are all thankful for all the effort, time, and money they put into their career as a teacher, we don’t always take the time to say thank you. Luckily, Teacher Appreciation Week is a great way for families and businesses to recognize all the hard work that teachers put in. This year Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, May 8-12. One great way that companies can honor teachers is through offering exclusive teacher appreciation week discounts on their products and services. Many of our clients wanted to show their appreciation and say thank you for offering exclusive teacher discounts. Check out this great list of discounts and share them with the teachers in your life!

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Survey finds that 81% of teachers now shop online for classroom items

Eugene, OR — August 2, 2016 — With the back-to-school season in full-swing, SheerID and Agile Education Marketing have teamed up for the third consecutive year to provide insights into U.S. K-12 teacher and educator spending habits. With insights from 558 respondents, the survey highlights how more teachers are using mobile methods to shop, as well as how organizations that offer teacher discounts are more likely to gain long-term customer loyalty from teachers.

by Madeline Boehmer
It’s almost April, which means that Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner (Monday, May 1st - May 5th). Many retailers take this opportunity to thank teachers for all they do by offering exclusive discounts on products. If your business is planning on honoring teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week 2017, here are a few tips on how to see success in your campaign: