Capture the Senior Market
with Personalized Offers

Instantly verify 889M seniors across 23 countries

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How to Capture the Senior Market with
Gated Offers

Engage the Senior Market with Gated,
Personalized Offers

Seniors today are a large and vital group with considerable spending power.

With SheerID Senior Verification, you can seamlessly offer discounts and promotions to the 50+ age group. You set the age range you want to target, and we ensure that only eligible customers can redeem your offer.

Senior Verification includes:

  • 110M US seniors in 50+ age group
  • 778M non-US seniors 
  • Localized for 25 languages
  • Available in 23 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia
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Verify Senior Status Instantly and Easily

To effectively target seniors, the age verification process must be simple and easy. Which is why we ask for the minimal amount of data necessary to verify age, without causing undue friction.

SheerID keeps your shoppers engaged with our white-label, in-brand experience to verify age without having to create a separate account.

Seniors Have Economic Clout

Seniors account for 50% of all consumer purchases, but only 10% of marketing dollars are spent targeting them. Like most shoppers, seniors strongly prefer a consent-based approach that gives them the ability (and a reason) to explicitly indicate their interest in a brand. It’s time to show your gratitude and appreciation towards the senior generation with gated, personalized offers that resonate with their identity.

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We Verify Credentials for 889M Seniors Across 23 Countries

SheerID uses 9,000 authoritative data sources to make marketing to seniors easy and secure.

Featured Customers

Lowes Logo

Lowe’s uses gated offers to drive customer acquisition and loyalty.

Michaels boosts loyalty among seniors through their rewards program.

LL Bean

L.L.Bean uses gated offers to acquire high value consumer tribes.

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