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Acquire New Customers by Marketing to College Students

Gen Z makes up 26% of the US population, and they’re starting to head off to college. Engaging them with a personalized offer is a lucrative strategy for brands.

With SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform, you can protect your offer by verifying that shoppers who redeem it are actually students. This protects your offer from fraud and increases its appeal by making it truly exclusive. 

Our Student Verification Solution includes: 

  • 235 million students
  • 80,000+ higher education institutions
  • 191 countries
  • Localization in 33 languages
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Student Offers Are a Smart Investment

Giving students personalized offers creates long-term customers. Streaming media companies that provide discount subscriptions to college students see them convert to full price after graduating at rates as high as 98%.

And capturing students’ business early can pay off for years to come. Research shows college students have a 10-year customer life cycle.

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Confidently Verify Eligibility for Your Offer

Students opt in to your personalized offers by providing a few pieces of basic information, like their email address or the college or university they attend. SheerID then does a quick, sub-second lookup—based on over one billion attributes across nearly 9,000 authoritative data sources—to confirm their enrollment at an accredited higher education institution.

SheerID uses enhanced fraud protection to minimize the risks of deploying student campaigns around the world.

The Most Comprehensive Student Verification in the World

SheerID uses nearly 9,000 authoritative data sources to make marketing to 235M+ students worldwide easy and secure.

By easily verifying student eligibility and quickly denying fraudulent requests, SheerID has helped us expand our program and reach hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

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CompTIA Reduces Student Discount Abuse by 20% and Generates a 20:1 ROI.

Converse is acquiring students with a personalized offer that recognizes their unique identities.

YouTube’s discount for students turns them into lifelong customers when they graduate.

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