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The future of personalization is rooted in identity. Marketing to consumer tribes with personalized offers creates a strong emotional connection. When brands are willing to align their brand identity with these tribes and demonstrate they truly “see” consumers, people are motivated to act.

Go Beyond Students

Go beyond college students to maximize your acquisition of the younger generation with gated, personalized offers for young adults. Young adults are key consumers in many markets, from fashion and technology to entertainment and travel.

They are true digital natives. They’re also savvy to all the tactics companies use to market to them.
So how do you gain their trust?

Gated, personalized offers are a highly effective way to engage young adults and nurture them into long-term customers. In fact, 71% of Gen Z said gated offers are more compelling than discounts available to everyone.

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Young adults spend 75% of what they earn

93% of parents say their purchases are influenced by their Gen Z kids

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Who Are Young Adults?

What’s the difference between Gen Z and Millenials?
Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a Millennial, and anyone born from 1997 onward is a member of Gen Z.

While there are similarities between Gen Z and Millennials, these two generations are significantly different, and brands need to adjust their approach to successfully market to these up-and-coming young adults.

Frictionless Data Verification

We keep the verification process simple, and we never ask consumers to disclose sensitive information such as SSNs. We ask for the minimal amount of data necessary to accurately verify age, without causing undue friction.

SheerID Young Adult Verification allows you to select the age range used to define the young adults you plan to target.

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Promoting Your Young Adult Offer

  • Seed campaigns: Promotional pricing that encourages young adults to try your product or service
  • Events: Discounted tickets to concerts, museums, festivals
  • Seasonal promotions: Back-to-school, graduation, holidays
  • Special officers/flash sales: Provide one-time discounts to sell unused tickets or excess inventory
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We Verify Credentials for 645M Young Adults in 23 Countries

SheerID uses 9,000 authoritative data sources to make marketing to young adults easy and secure.

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Urban Outfitters uses gated offer to boost back-to-school sales

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