Drive Acquisition with Personalized Offers

Military, Students, Teachers, and more…

Meet Daphne. Marketing Superhero.

See how Daphne uses SheerID to boost her ROI 20:1 with gated, exclusive offers.

“Flip the Script”
on Customer Acquisition

Stop chasing your most valuable segments with unsolicited offers and start inviting them
to opt-into gated offers that recognize their eligibility for special, targeted rewards.

Gated Offers Drive Results

Ryan Fagan

Senior Director, Marketing

Not only has our exclusive offer program increased our brand awareness, the engagement rate has been 2-3x higher than any other campaign we are running.

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With SheerID You Can…

Acquire New Customers

would take advantage of a gated offer provided by a brand.

Re-Activate Customer Loyalty

say a gated offer would increase how often they shop with a brand.

Personalize Marketing

by adding valuable data to their customer profile, such as occupation, affiliations, and other attributes.

Prevent Discount Abuse

are fraudulently redeemed. Digital verification mitigates misuse instantly.

Prove Identity

important identifying attributes like age, DOB, and driver’s license number.

Maintain SCRA Compliance

monitor SCRA compliance for loans and debt collection.

Typical Results Brands See


Return on Ad Spend


Conversion Increase


Repeat Purchase Increase

SheerID’s Five Point Plan


Select Eligible Segment


Create Exclusive Offer


Invite Customers


Verify Eligibility


Re-Engage and Build Customer Relationships