About Us

Our mission is to create instant trust in a digital world.


What We Do

We work with leading B2C brands in retail, streaming, software, hospitality, and finance to connect with consumer communities like the military and students with gated, personalized offers. Each offer is exclusive, which encourages members to share it with others in their network, increasing reach, and decreasing acquisition costs.

Our Origin Story

Our founders saw an opportunity when family members who were teachers and military members had to present documentation that contained sensitive information like blood type and salary to redeem a personalized reward. They knew there had to be a better way, so they sought to build a verification system connected with authoritative data sources to confirm eligibility. SheerID was born, and they quickly developed a digital verification system that allowed brands to connect with consumers based on their identity.

Our Culture

Connecting consumers and brands based on mutual value and trust is what we do. Here are the 4 key principles that all of us at SheerID live by every day.



Reward teamwork and effort that creates compelling value for our customers and our customers’ customers.


Be transparent and facts-driven to increase trust among employees, customers, and shareholders.


Prize agility over perfection. We aim to remove friction in all that we do to innovate faster.


Seek diverse ideas and understand one another to take the best course of action.


SheerID at a Glance





Industry Recognition

We’re incredibly proud to be recognized as a company with exponential growth and work-life balance.

Ranked as one of Oregon's Most Admired Technology Companies of 2021 by the Portland Business Journal.
We were ranked in the top half of the Fast 500 list with 450% growth.
We were recognized as one of the top 10 places to work in the country.
We ranked #12 on the Forbes Best Startup Employer for 2020.
Medal Summer 2020 Leader
Medal Fall 2020 Leader

“We knew we wanted to Partner with SheerID from day 1. They were the simplest platform to integrate into our checkout; their existing client base was compelling; all major segments were available to us immediately.”

-April 2020

“SheerID customer support is timely and creative. Our work is unique, and we need vendors that are partners. SheerID has been a great thought-partner. When sending monetary resources to educators, you want to be sure you are reaching credentialed educators. SheerID has given us that confidence.”

-April 2020

“I am a developer, and I have integrated SheerID APIs. I appreciate that I am on an older version of the API and haven’t been pressured to upgrade. Their documentation is exceptional, though, so I am eager to upgrade.”

-April 2020

“My current state of utilization is authoritative DMV ID Verification. This helps me validate renters, identity, and stop malicious activity using Fake or Manipulated IDs and take actionable steps against malicious renters that obtained a unit using a validated ID.”

-April 2020