Verified Data. Better Conversions.

​Collect customer data you can trust and create bold campaigns with SheerID's Identity Marketing platform.


Create an exclusive offer for your key customers to enjoy.


Use SheerID to validate the data they provide to redeem it.


Use the verified data to nurture their loyalty.

More than 300 Global Brands Trust SheerID

Why Marketers Love SheerID Data


The data SheerID provides is highly valuable because it is self-attested. It’s also privacy-friendly because your customers willingly and directly share it.


SheerID uses 20,000+ authoritative data sources to verify the accuracy of your customers’ data, including their membership in the community you are targeting.

Brand Owned

You own all the data you collect—not a third-party vendor who will use it to grow their business. SheerID never uses, sells, or shares your data.

The Promise of Zero-Party Data

A new study from Forrester Consulting explores how marketing leaders are responding to data deprecation and planning to use zero-party data to drive their marketing strategies.

Why Brands Choose SheerID

Using SheerID to digitally verify every shopper helped us acquire new customers, increase loyalty, and ensure the program was profitable.

Matt Gehring
SVP of Growth

Knowing SheerID uses authoritative data sources to secure our offer made us confident it wouldn’t be cannibalized. The platform protects our margins and enables us to turn Gen Z subscribers into loyal customers.

Jamie Dyckes
Assistant VP Sports & Premiums Marketing, Video Subscriptions

SheerID is helping us increase our revenue, provide a better customer experience, and stand out in our highly competitive space.

Alisa Gammon
Social Advertising Director

Xfinity’s College Student Program is the top performing gated program in Comcast history, and much of the credit goes to SheerID. We could never have launched such an ambitious campaign and seen such incredible results without this partnership.

Cheri Davies
Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

SheerID provided instant and secure verification—an experience that would attract students and give us valuable data.

Pauline Deschamps
Content Manager