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Spotify launched a 50% student discount on their blog in March 2014 with student verification provided by SheerID. Students who were currently enrolled in a college or university in the United States could be verified instantly. Within hours, word about the new student discount had gotten out on Twitter, Facebook, and forums.

Media was buzzing:

“The discount takes Spotify’s premium $10 subscription and slashes it in half, as long as the user is registered in any four-year, two-year or junior college in the country. SheerID will verify that these subscribers are, in fact, enrolled in school.” –

“The offer is meant to cover just about any student in four-year, two-year or junior college, and is good for up to four years. Spotify will use verification service SheerID to make sure anyone who applies for the discount is enrolled.” – re/

“Spotify is using SheerID to ensure that you are actually currently enrolled in college, so if you just graduated a month ago, don’t even think about trying any funny business. Spotify will find you out.” –

And College students were talking:
spotify tweet 1

spotify tweet 2

Because Spotify had SheerID in place to guarantee that only college students could redeem the offer, they were protected from fraud:

“However, as I found out trying to apply as a non-student, Spotify may ask for additional information and documents such as college email address or a copy of a student ID card, class schedule, letter from a college official, transcript or tuition receipt.” –

spotify tweet 5

Launching a student discount increased incremental revenue through the acquisition of new customers:

spotify tweet 6

“Getting this service for $5 was well worth it especially using the mobile app. Once I started streaming music I was not interested in buying songs.” ~Spotify Student Customer


In less than two weeks since the launch, Spotify has solidified their brand as a favorite among college students, simply by offering a truly exclusive student discount.

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