10% Military Discount on Hearing Aids

Save 10% on state of the art hearing aids with the Eargo military discount. As a thank you for your military service, active duty service members, veterans, National Guard, and reservists are all eligible for this very special offer on the Eargo Max or Eargo Neo. You can save up to $275.

Eargo hearing aids are so inconspicuous that nobody will even notice that you are wearing one. They are also made of flexible medical grade silicone instead of hard plastic, so they are comfortable and breathable. For your convenience, both the Eargo Max and Eargo Neo are rechargeable. The case is also a charger, and after it is fully charged, it can power your hearing aids for a full week.

The Eargo Max provides advanced sound quality and noise reduction to improve your hearing. The Eargo Neo, which is the newest model, delivers even better noise reduction and feedback cancellation. You can’t go wrong with either pick. You can try an Eargo hearing aid risk-free because Eargo offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

If you are one of the 48 million people in the United States with mild to moderate hearing loss, Eargo is designed especially for you. Eargo was designed by a team of surgeons, technology experts, and industry professionals to bring you the best hearing aid on the market. Your own personal hearing guide can help you determine which of the four available sound profiles will work best for you.

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