Student Support Page

I’m a college student – do I qualify for this offer?

The eligibility criteria is determined by Spotify. Click here to see terms and conditions.

I’m a college student trying to verify for Spotify – where do I start?

Follow this link to pick your preferred account and follow the instructions to verify your student status.

My school does not appear on the list provided, how do I get it added to the list so I can qualify for the Spotify Premium student discount?

We will review the request and add schools to the program at the discretion of Spotify. This form is only available for schools outside the United States of America. Requests listing schools submitted within the US will be discarded. Submit your school via this form and we’ll email you if it is accepted to the approved list.

I was asked to upload a document. What type of documentation is required?

Please upload a document that clearly shows you’re currently enrolled in college. The document needs to include your first name, last name, university name, and an issue date from the current academic term, or within the last 3 months. You can upload more than one document, if needed. These can include:

  • Official Enrollment Letter from your academic institution (acceptance letters will not be approved)
  • Class schedule for the current academic term
  • Registration receipt or tuition receipt
  • Transcript that shows classes currently in progress
  • Other school issued document that displays your first/last name, an issue date from the current term or within the last three months

We strongly suggest covering up or redacting all sensitive information on documentation before uploading it into our system.

I know I’m a student, why was I denied?

  • Did you upload a document providing proof?
    • Has it been less than 72 hours? Your document might still pending review.
    • Have you received an email saying your documentation has not been accepted? Please refer back to that email and click on the “TRY AGAIN” button to resubmit. Please make sure the document covers all the requirements as outlined above.
  • Was your uploaded document denied multiple times? If you are still unsure why your document was not approved after receiving your email from the SheerID verification team, please contact customer service via the information form located at the bottom of this page and be sure to explain what document you used, the reasons listed in the email why the document was refused and the email address you used to verify.

I have questions regarding Spotify billing or my Spotify account. Can you help me?

No. SheerID does not have visibility into your Spotify account or billing. For these requests, please contact the Spotify team.

Spotify FAQ

Contact Spotify for billing and account assistance.

Contact SheerID for document upload or verification assistance using the form below.

For questions regarding your pending verification request, you can contact us through our information form below. A SheerID team member will be in contact with you in the order that your request was received.

Contact SheerID customer service

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