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3 Reasons Why Marketing to Gen Z Students is Good for OTTs

Gen Z is a trending topic among digital marketers. People are asking, “Why is marketing to Gen Z students important?”

Lionel Bringuier, senior director of channel partnerships at SheerID, discussed this trend with Maria Ingold, CTO of Connected Media | IP.  During the interview, Bringuier shared three reasons why OTTs should focus on marketing to students. They can be summarized as “lots, loyal, and experience-focused.”

3 Reasons Why Marketing to Gen Z Students is Good for OTTs player

01  Lots

As Bringuier points out, Gen Z makes up 26% of the US population. Not only that, Gen Z brings $143B in spending power to the marketplace. With all of this in mind, marketing to students makes a lot of sense.

02  Loyal

Once Gen Zers finds a brand they like, they make powerful ambassadors. For instance, 60% of Gen Z students are happy to associate with their favorite brands. Additionally, Gen Z students are more likely to buy from a brand they follow online. And because Gen Zers are so active on social media, brands receive free organic marketing to students’ networks. This, in turn, helps brands cast a wider net: for example, 73% of Gen Zers would make a purchase based on a social media recommendation.

03  Experience-Focused

Not surprisingly, Gen Zers are digital natives. They spend upwards of 10.6 hours a day consuming digital content, usually on a smartphone. Also, they crave a brand experience that is omnichannel. For example, 60% of Gen Zers prefer to shop with retailers who engage them on social media.

Marketing to Gen Z students with personalized promotions is one of the best ways to reach this segment, Bringuier says. To start, Gen Z wants to feel special and noticed. Additionally, gated, exclusive offers capture students’ attention as their brand affiliations are forming. And, they’re sure to notice. According to the 2018 Shoppers Study conducted by Kelton and SheerID, an exclusive offer can make Gen Z students more likely to shop with a brand (87%) and spend more money (42%).

Discover what personalized promotions can do for your OTT.  

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