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Ticketing & Entertainment

Get your promotional tickets into the hands of more visitors
and guests by creating targeted programs.

Increase attendance with targeted promotions like student rush, military appreciation days, partnerships with sponsors, and industry nights.

SheerID ticketing solutions are configurable to your needs. Whether that means a simple verification or creating an entire ticketing system with our PayPal integration, we have you covered.

SheerID technology is compatible with multiple online ticketing platforms. Verification can take place online, over the phone, and at the box office or gate.

Featured Ticketing & Entertainment Implementations

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Our pricing model can accommodate seasonal traffic and limited-time promotions.

Apparel, Jewelry & Footwear Retailers

Meet rising customer expectations by aligning in-store and online offers without the risk of fraud.

Create a competitive advantage and attract new customers by offering exclusive incentives to specific consumer groups.

Uncover existing discount fraud by auditing a sample of your customer records against our authoritative data sources.

Choose the verification solution trusted by 20% of Fortune 500 retailers.

Featured Apparel, Jewelry & Footwear Implementations

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    Create a customer journey your customers will love.

    Streaming Services

    Remove the barriers that prevent you from creating exclusive subscriptions for targeted audiences.

    Gain market share in coveted demographics by offering student subscriptions and military discounts without giving access to unintended audiences.

    Address key stakeholders’ concerns about cannibalization and fraud with secure, real-time verification against authoritative data.

    Verify post-purchase to maximize subscriptions and downloads. Discounts are applied directly to qualified members’ accounts after they successfully complete the verification process.

    Featured Streaming Services Implementations

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    See how SheerID gates “Over The Top” video and streaming music content by verifying student enrollment.

    Software & Accessories

    Streamline your sales process for educational products and promotional offers. SheerID verifies instantly without requiring sensitive customer data.

    Increase conversion rates by keeping motivated shoppers in an uninterrupted sales funnel instead of making them jump through hoops to verify eligibility.

    Verify pre-purchase or post-purchase, prior to activation. Sell your academic software in any store or marketplace; only successfully verified students or educators will get the activation key.

    Only 34% of college students know they are eligible for special pricing on software. Market protected academic offers openly to increase awareness.

    Featured Software Implementations

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    Whether you are a manufacturer, vendor, or reseller, we have a verification solution for you.

    Learn More about Verification

    Marketing to Millennials: How and Why To Get College Student Discounts Right

    Find out why verification is necessary and how the verification industry is meeting this growing need. You will also discover more about SheerID’s verification methods and solutions.