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Answer Forrester’s Call for Authenticity with Personalized Marketing

Forrester’s 2019 B2C predictions emphasize authentic connections with consumers. These kinds of engagements can be tricky in a saturated market. However, brands can break through the noise using personalized marketing through content, promotions, and experiences designed for a target audience.

For example, gated, exclusive offers are designed based on consumers’ affiliation or life stage and backed by digital verification. These kinds of deals are exclusive to a specific audience and easy to share, creating better engagement.

Create an Emotional Connection with Solid Messaging

Clearly, an emotional connection ensures long-lasting customer loyalty. Because of this, personalized marketing should focus first and foremost on reaching the audience. One of the best ways to do this is by recognizing their social identity through solid messaging. The discount or offer is the icing on the cake. 

For example, companies like YouTube and Headspace use gated student offers that give young users a significant price reduction on annual subscriptions. Marketing to college students with this approach creates solid brand relationships and has produced long term results. Similar content curation companies see conversions of over 90% from student subscriptions to full price post-graduation.

Protect Privacy Better with Personalized Marketing

Privacy is paramount. According to a study by NRF, over 50% of Gen Z consumers want more control over the information they share with brands

In addition, personalized marketing with gated offers is completely consent-based. In other words, customers must opt-in to receive the promotion. This gives users full control over the information they share. Also, it allows consumers control over the relationship they have with the brand.

Creating a connection with your consumers doesn’t have to be rocket science. Personalized marketing used to celebrate a person’s social identity (and not just their name in an email) can lead to better customer retention in the long run. Furthermore, gated offers are easy to share and can boost engagement within a consumer’s social circle. 

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