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Best Buy is now offering a wedding registry

Every year millions of couples get married and go through the process of planning a wedding ceremony. Although it can be a stressful process, there are some fun planning activities that most couples participate in, one of them being creating a gift registry.  Gift registries are great, not only do you get to use a scanner gun and scan anything you want, but it also gives your wedding guests an idea of what you want. According to, more than $10 billion are spent on wedding gifts per year. A majority of that $10 billion is spent on kitchen supplies and appliances, but 20% of couples have said they would register for electronics if it was an option. So, popular electronics retailer, Best Buy, is trying to change this up.

Best Buy recently started allowing their customers to create a wedding registry online and on their mobile devices and starting next month couples will now be able to go into any Best Buy store and register. Not only is it exciting to have a new place to shop for wedding gifts but I’m sure many of the husbands out there will be very happy about being able to register for something other than fine china.

One great thing about registering at Best Buy is that they surprisingly sell a lot more than just TVs, computers and other electronic gadgets. Just looking through their website they have categories like health, beauty and fitness, and home and office. These categories are full of items that many couples would normally register for, including Keurig coffee makers, the Ninja blender, KitchenAid mixer, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, patio furniture, and storage supplies. There will definitely not be a shortage of options for items you can register for.

While all those items are fun to register for, some of the electronics, kitchen appliances, and furniture can be expensive, especially on a gift registry. Best Buy has come up with a solution for this by introducing the option for a group of people to contribute to pricey gifts. The best part is that contributing to a gift on Best Buy is extremely easy. I looked at the process on Best and all users have to do is search for the registry and rather than clicking “add to cart,” click “contribute to gift.”  It then allows you to choose the amount you want to give and will send the money as an e-gift card (if you are online) with a message saying what gift the contribution was towards. It’s great because it takes the hassle out of a group gift, everyone can log on and contribute on their own rather than having to organize who will buy the gift and reimbursing the money.

Since wedding season is upon us, you’ll have to try the Best Buy wedding registry system, whether you are the registering for gifts or giving the gifts. Happy shopping!


Photo credit: Flickr user AForestFrolic

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