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Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Client Success: Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Increasing Incremental Revenue


  • 78% of promotional tickets issued were used on game day (28% more than average)
  • 81% of accounts used to access military promotional tickets were new accounts
  • Setting up the military promotion for the second game took less than an hour


As other athletic departments, ticket sales directors, and stadium operators know, it’s not unusual to end up with tickets to move at the last minute when visiting teams don’t use their allotment of visiting team tickets or because of late ticket returns. To make matters worse, as many as 50% of promotional tickets distributed often go unused, translating to lower merchandise and concession sales and empty seats in the stadium.


SheerID and University of Oregon Athletics Department worked together to distribute promotional tickets for three games to verified service members, veterans, retirees, and reservists. After the initial implementation was complete, creating a last-minute ticket promotion was turn-key.

We would not be able to offer a military appreciation program without SheerID's service that protects our discount codes from fraud and abuse.

Jim Moore, VP of Marketing, Wholesale Halloween Costumes


Implementing offers protected by SheerID not only drives incremental revenue on Wholesale Halloween Costumes from military families, but also positively effects revenue across all customer segments.

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