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No .edu is required for Tidal’s student discount

We were excited last week when news stories emerged about Tidal’s student discount. There was only one problem, Tidal is one of our newest clients, and because of a mix up, the press release said that students had to use a .edu email address to get the offer.

As we’ve reported before, 32% of college students don’t have a .edu email address, and 68% of alumni keep their .edu’s for 5 years. That’s why Tidal teamed up with us in the first place- to make sure that ALL college students and only college students can get their 50% student discount.

As soon as it was announced that Tidal’s student discount was available to anyone with a .edu, people who aren’t currently enrolled in college instantly started trying to figure out ways to game the system. Within hours we started to see comments like these pop up on various articles covering the news.
frequently asked questions about the Tidal student discount

Fortunately, Tidal’s student discount is safe with us, and if you are a current college student, it’s available to you now! Just click here and look for the “student plans” link.

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