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Our student verification clients include:

The SheerID Advantage

Your branding stays intact throughout the SheerID verification process

With SheerID’s eligibility verification, your customers are never required to join a 3rd party community, purchase a special card, or leave your e-commerce site in order to verify their eligibility. You control the messaging, determine the customer experience, and maintain ownership of your customer relationships and data.

Deliver a seamless customer experience with channel-agnostic verification solutions

SheerID’s omnichannel technology can verify eligibility at any point in the customer journey: online, in-store, on a mobile device, or over the phone. Whether you need to verify students pre-purchase, post-purchase, at account registration or during checkout, we have the functionality you need.

Cascading verification methods ensure 100% coverage

Using configurable verification methods, including document review, SheerID is the only verification service provider that ensures 100% comprehensive coverage of all university students. This creates a VIP user-experience for your customers, increasing conversion rates while protecting your exclusive offer.

Simplify your student verification process
without increasing the risk of fraud.

SheerID does NOT require
your student customers to:

  • Find a fax machine
  • Have a .edu email address
  • Jump through multiple hoops
  • Wait longer than 5 minutes on average for verification
  • Share their Social Security number
  • Log into a 3rd party community
  • Leave your customer experience

SheerID instantly verifies 21 million college students in the US, as well as students in over
30 other countries.

  • Full-time students
  • Part-time students
  • 4-year and 2-year institutions
  • Trade schools
  • Recent graduates
Curious about the customer verification experience? Click below to try the demo:


Experience the verification process from your customers’ point-of-view and see how smooth student eligibility verification can be.

To verify against authoritative data sources, SheerID requires students to provide their name, email address, birthday, and school. That’s all SheerID needs to verify whether or not that customer is currently enrolled in classes. Over 98% of students are verified through authoritative sources.

All of the information supplied by your customers is available to you in SheerID’s reporting console. If you are interested in collecting additional customer intelligence to power personalized marketing campaigns, extra fields can be added to your verification form.

You can host the form yourself, or SheerID can host it for you and it can be embedded into your site or hosted on a landing page. Choosing a SheerID-hosted solution allows us to handle the majority of the implementation without burdening your IT team.

5 Reasons to Offer a Student Discount Online

  • College students have a spending power of $417 billion in spending power
  • 21% of their purchases are made online
  • 87% would purchase from their favorite store more often if they offer student discounts
  • 69% are more loyal to brands that offer student discounts
  • They are all gathered in one place – on campus and in classrooms

Reach College Students with Exclusive Offers

  • A 20% discount or free shipping will get students’ attention
  • 4 out of 5 will tell their friends about student discounts
  • 83% say brands should reach them through social media
  • 64% want brands to email them directly about student offers
  • The majority agree that brands should post student offers on their homepage if they want students to find them
Learn more in our comprehensive guide-
Marketing to Millennials: How & Why to Get College Discounts Right

Featured Student Solutions

Try out the SheerID verification process from a customer’s point-of-view.

They Say

Featured Success Stories

  • DirecTV Use Case

    DirecTV Use Case

    ⅓ of all DIRECTV NFLSundayTicket TV subscribers are students who have been verified by SheerID. Students are their heaviest users.

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  • ThinkEDU Success Story

    ThinkEDU Success Story

    Based in part on the strength of SheerID’s verification, ThinkEDU was selected by the Foundation for California Community Colleges to build and manage’s 200+ eStores.

    Read the Success Story
  • B&H Photo Success Story

    B&H Photo Success Story

    Initial EDU Advantage purchases occurred 50-80 days sooner once B&H Photo switched from a slower in-house verification process to SheerID’s instant solution.

    Read the Success Story
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Marketing Tips

Marketing to Millennials: How and Why To
Get College Student Discounts Right

With over 2o million students enrolled in college, who have a combined spending power of over $417 billion, the college student market is one that can’t be ignored. However, organizations must be in tune with how students like to shop. Here’s why offering student discounts will help you reach the student market and how to do it successfully.

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