A female teacher uses a game she purchased with a personalized promotion to instruct a young girl.

Top 3 Personalized Promotions for Teachers

If you’re not marketing to teachers with a personalized promotion, you should be. Research by Agile revealed that teachers:

  • Love personalized promotions. Ninety-five percent of teachers would take advantage of one. 
  • Promote brands that reward them. Seventy-one percent of teachers who receive a personalized offer would tell a colleague about it.
  • Want personalized promotions on everything. Nearly nine in ten teachers would use a personalized promotion to purchase school supplies. But more than seven in ten would also use it to buy electronic devices, and nearly six in ten would purchase apparel, travel, or entertainment.
How teachers would use a personalized promotion: - 9 in 10 would purchase school supplies. - 7 in 10 would purchase electronic devices. - 6 in 10 would purchase apparel, travel, or entertainment.

Are you ready to go after teachers? These are the top three personalized promotions that will win their business.

3 Personalized Promotions Teachers Are Guaranteed to Love


Nearly three in four teachers (73%) of teachers prefer “buy one, get one” (BOGO) promotions. This is great news for retailers when you consider that 99% of teachers spend their own personal funds for school-related purposes. BOGOs are a cost-effective way for teachers to stretch their dollars when they purchase multiples of school supplies. 

Other industries can benefit from providing BOGO, personalized promotions to teachers, too. Hospitality companies can win teachers by giving them a second meal or night in a hotel room for free so they can include a companion. And box subscription companies can acquire teachers by offering them a free second subscription they can share with a spouse or colleague.  

02 25% Off a Single Item

The second most popular promotion was 25% off a single item: 69% of teachers say they prefer this type of discount. Brands across all industries can leverage this. Retailers can give teachers discounts on clothing, luggage, appliances, mattresses—the list goes on. And travel brands can increase bookings by offering 25% off from airfare and tours to hotel rooms and shows. 

Software and subscription companies can take things even further by giving teachers free access to the products they use in their classrooms. When it comes to youth, teachers are the original “influencers” and can help cultivate brand awareness and loyalty in the highly lucrative student market.

03 Free Shipping

Free shipping is a smart way for brands to win teacher loyalty without having to cut prices: 62% of teachers say free shipping is the personalized promotion they prefer most.

Teachers' favorite personalized promotions: - 73% prefer BOGO. - 69% prefer 25% off a single item. - 62% prefer free shipping.

Personalized Promotions to Teachers Pay Off

Teacher discounts create an immediate and strong emotional connection. Nearly two in three teachers (64%) say that getting a teacher-specific discount makes them feel valued. 

And teachers reward the companies that support them. Brands that run personalized promotions to teachers: 

  • Stand out from their competitors. Teachers are more likely to buy from a company that offers a teacher discount—for both classroom items (95%) and personal items (81%).
  • Inspire word-of-mouth marketing. Nearly four in five (78%) teachers said they hear about personalized promotions from other teachers.
  • Attract new customers. Nearly one-third of teachers would use a personalized promotion to try a brand they wouldn’t have considered otherwise.
  • Accelerate sales. One in four teachers say they would make a purchase sooner than they would without a personalized promotion. 

Teachers are a dedicated bunch: 4 million K-12 teachers in the US spent $1.7 billion of their own money on classroom supplies last year. Brands can’t make up for the shortfalls in school budgets, but they can use personalized marketing to make life easier for teachers, while earning their business and loyalty.

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