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Reach the Consumers Who Need You Most with Personalized Offers

The coronavirus has turned our world upside down. Tens of thousands of people are getting sick, and millions more have become unemployed. 

Everyone is reeling, but some groups have been hit harder than others. Medical professionals are on the frontlines of the epidemic, healing the sick and fighting the disease. But other groups are feeling the pain acutely, too.

Seniors are at greater risk of becoming ill. Colleges are sending students home, but some students have nowhere to go.  And 96% of small businesses have already been impacted, with more than half saying they can only hold out for three months. 

The list goes on, and everyone wants to help. One of the best ways brands can make a difference is by giving these groups gated, personalized offers. 

Special discounts and perks can provide these groups with much needed financial and morale support. And when you use digital verification to secure the offer, you’ll protect your margins and ensure your offer reaches only the people who are eligible for it.

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