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Why You Need To Be Reaching Micro-influencers

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of brands using influencer marketing to get the word out about their products. Influencers are a valuable resource as they have the ability to sell their audience products, sometimes without them even realizing they are being sold to. Audiences feel like they personally know the influencers they follow, which provides a sense of trust when it comes to product reviews and promotions, especially if it is in their area of expertise.

While celebrities come to mind when thinking about an influencer marketing campaign, there is a new wave of influencers that companies should be taking a closer look at:Micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are the bloggers and social media “stars” that have an extremely dedicated and engaged following over a variety of social media platforms. They typically have a niche following, in which they have created deep connections with and often carry the ability to sway perceptions about companies and brands within their community. This growing demographic of influencers are highly effective as a marketing resource and give celebrities a run for their money with a higher quality of reach and lower cost.

As businesses gravitate towards utilizing this new wave of influencers, here are four musts every company should do to ensure a successful influencer marketing campaign with micro-influencers:

Forget the numbers

While an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers may look glamorous, it doesn’t mean they are the best influencer to work with. Micro-influencers have more organic content and are reaching a specific audience, which automatically leads to more engagement and impressions. Influencers with large followings make it harder to reach niche markets and may have less engagement based on the poor quality of their followers. It may be hard to leave the numbers behind, but always remember to look at the quality over quantity.

Find the right influencers

With so many micro-influencers in a wide variety of categories, it is important to make sure you connect with influencers that have a community of followers that you are looking to reach. The best micro-influencers are the ones who are already your most valuable customers, love your products, and have a particular interest in your field. For example, Icebreaker Merino specifically reaches out to outdoor professionals as influencers; the people that already love their products and have extensive knowledge to provide their followers on outdoor equipment.

Go for authenticity

In the past, celebrities and A-listers have been the go-to for endorsements and influencer campaigns. Some buy the product solely based on the promotion of their favorite celebrity, but many times, followers are left wondering “do they actually use this product or know anything about it?”

Micro-influencers give their followers advice on the products they would use personally, which is exactly what their followers want and look for from those accounts. Creating authentic content is a vital component of influencer marketing as it is what resonates most with the community you are targeting.

Say thank you

Although the goal of an influencer campaign is to reach a specific audience, it’s important to recognize and thank the micro-influencers you are working with. Saying thank you will not only help show your appreciation, but will also keep your brand on their radar. One of the best ways to say thank you is through offering exclusive deals only available to your influencers. Offering exclusive deals has many benefits for both your influencers and your company including:

  • Getting your products into the hands of your most important customers
  • Testing your direct sales process and product innovations with two-way conversation with your most important customers
  • Increasing the margin of your influencers
  • Working directly with your influencers

Micro-influencers are a great asset to add to your next marketing strategy and can play a huge part in reaching niche markets. As you look for your next micro-influencers, make sure to connect with your most valuable customers, look for the quality of their followers, be authentic, and most importantly, maintain a good relationship by showing your appreciation.

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